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When to Use a Wet Tile Saw vs. Dry Saw

Tile Saw

Before you look for some tile saw reviews to figure out which tile saw is best for you, it’s important that you have a decent understanding of wet tile saws vs. dry ones. As it turns out, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to tools with which you can cut a tile. Many professionals like to go for a wet tile saw, which may lead you to think that this is the only option out there. However, depending on the particular situation, a dry one might make more sense.

Wet Tile Saws

Wet Tile Saw

Wet tile saws are round blades with tiny diamonds attached to them. This is industrial diamond and not the shiny kind you buy at your jewelers, so don’t worry about it getting stolen. The blade spins at a very high speed, and the diamonds cut through any tile material. You need some water to sprinkle over the tile constantly to cool the blade and the tile cool as the cutting happens.

When you’re dealing with extremely hard tiles, wet tile saws can be very useful and help you get the job done faster. They’re also pretty handy when you’re doing a larger job where many tiles are getting cut simultaneously.

The water is very important, especially when the blade is cutting through materials as hard as porcelain as it will prevent the blade from overheating, which might lead to excess friction and hinder the cutting efficiency of the blade.

Dry Tiles

Dry Tile Saw

Carbide Pencils

When you’re dealing with ceramic tiles or thin tiles of any material, it is possible to cut them with a special pencil tipped with carbide. The tip of the pencil will score the tile, and a line will be created. This line is a fault line along which the tile can be snapped into two. It is only useful for thin tiles and won’t work for hard, thick or dense tiles. There a wet tile would make more sense.

Tile Nippers

Wet tile saws are pretty useful for large jobs. However, for smaller jobs where dry cutting is appropriate, a tile nipper will do. A tile nipper is two blades connected to a handle. They are then squeezed together like you would the blades of a pair of pliers. This way, the nippers will take small bites out of the tile and are ideal for small jobs and jobs that require more attention to detail, such as mosaic tiles.

Score and Snap Tools

These tools are useful when cutting multiple thin and ceramic tiles. They don’t require the use of water, and they can do for much faster cutting. The tile is scored, and pressure is applied until it snaps. That way, many tiles can be cut very quickly. No friction is produced, so there is no need for water.


Kitchen Makeover

Whether you are in the middle of a kitchen makeover or just refreshing the look of your bathroom, new tiles can make the space a showplace. If you’re doing the work yourself, you’ll need a tile saw. All tiles can be cut with a wet saw. However, not all of them need a wet saw. The materials that would benefit the most from the use of a wet saw are porcelain, granite and marble. Glass tiles can also be cut with a wet saw provided the saw has a glass-cutting blade. Commercial-grade ceramic floor tiles can also be cut using a wet saw.

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Friday, August 31, 2018

The Top Marine Boating GPS Brands for Expert Anglers

Marine Boating

Having a GPS on board when you are fishing is ideal for a few reasons. Not only do you need an accurate reading but you also want a device that offers you access to multiple satellites and mapping systems. However, to find the best GPS for expert anglers, it depends on your habits. Where do you intend to fish and how do you plan to do it? When you know this, you will know which brand is best suited for your fishing requirements. Regardless, you want one that offers you fish finder transducer GPS capabilities which enhances navigation and mapping availability. Here are three top options to consider.

1. Garmin ECHOMAP 42CV Chirp 4.3 Combo Basemap

Garmin Echomap

Garmin ECHOMAP42CV Chirp is a GPS sonar unit that has the capabilities to refresh your positioning as many as five times a second which improves positioning. Worldwide Basemaps is also ideal for fishfinder navigation. This 4.3-inch color display comes with custom HD LakeV├╝ mapping and Quickdraw Contours map software that gives you water depths. Better yet, this software allows you to share your mapping information with others on Garmin Connect. This gadget also allows you to save as many as 5,000 waypoints, 50,000 track points, 100 routes and 50 tracks – you can Purchase Garmin Boat GPS & Navigation | Only From Atlantic Marine.

  • Waterproof
  • Can use day or night as it is color and has LED backlighting
  • Comes with a swivel base mount for easier accessibility
  • Chirp technology enhances clarity and definition
  • Dual-frequency sonar
  • Comes with chartplotter fishfinder technology

2. Garmin Fishfinder 300C GPS NIC

Garmin Fishfinder

If your focus is freshwater lake based, the Garmin Fishfinder 300C GPS NIC is an affordable option. This mounted device also allows you for trolling at your own pace since it comes with UltraScroll technology that automates your progress. The high-resolution color display also provides modes for daytime or nocturnal angling. Other features include:

  • Waterproof
  • Dual-beam transducer
  • Autograin setting that adjusts sonar
  • Keel offset for depth measurement

3. Garmin Oregon 600 3-inch Worldwide Handheld GPS

Garmin Oregon

The Garmin Oregon 600 offers expert anglers more than 100,000 topographical maps through the United States, which includes inland lakes and coastal waters. It is also only one of a few models that are ideal for four season weather patterns. As it comes with a built-in compass and altimeter, you also have access to accurate navigational support. This handheld device is also ideal for use in rough terrains such as lakes, rivers, lakes or forest trails. The 600t packages offer users maps and routes that save up to 200 tracks, 1,000 waypoints and 200 routes. With the built-in picture viewer, you can also load photos into the GPS navigation system using the 3.2-megapixel digital camera.

  • AA battery charger
  • Carabiner clip
  • Waterproof
  • Fishfinder technology
  • 3-axis compass
  • Accelerometer
  • Barometric altimeter sensor
  • Color touchscreen display
  • One-year subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery

Do you need more information on these products? Are you unsure of which GPS is right for you? Please call us at 631-470-4085 or send inquiries to

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Friday, August 24, 2018

5 Tips to Relaxing After a Long Day at the Office

The moment you step inside your home after a long day at work, you think of ways how you can relax your mind, body, and spirit. You want your problems and stresses at work to dissipate before your day ends. Here are some helpful tips you can do to recover from a hard day at work.

  1.  Lie down and relax

One of the best ways to relax is to lie down. You can just stretch your legs and the rest of your tired body on a comfortable sofa preferably with armrests and a good footstool. Close your eyes for a nap to rid your mind and body of the things that transpired at work. Lying down to rest for a few minutes makes you feel refreshed to enjoy the rest of your day.

  1.  Do something you love

You’ve had your share of the workload in the office for the day. When you get home, it’s time to do the things you like to do at your own leisure time. Doing a hobby you love relaxes both mind and body. Playing a musical instrument, painting, crocheting or cooking can take your mind off a bit from a tiring day at the office.

  1.  Exercise

For some, exercising is a great way to take mind off things after a long day at the office. For starters, taking a walk around the neighborhood can do the trick. Or you may want to try running for a more rigorous bout. If you can spare more time after your stressful work, you can try different types of exercise such as yoga, boxing or you can even try martial arts with defense as a bonus.  Exercising releases endorphins which makes you feel more alive and vibrant rather than tired.

  1.  Have a refreshing bath

If you want to feel refreshed after a draining time at work, a hot shower or bath can do the load. Enjoy your bath, warm and cozy, and release all the stresses away down the drain. If you are lucky enough to have a tub, run a hot, warm bath and lie down for a few relaxing minutes. Or if you are one who does not like baths, you can just take a hot shower to feel the soothing effect of warm water on your tired body.

  1.  Read a book

There is nothing like reading a good book to take you places without lifting your feet. After a long and tiring day at the office, you’d probably rather curl up in a comfy chair reading a good book. Not will it only take your mind off things that make you anxious at work, but it also transports you to different places. Putting away your gadgets and clutching a book can help you relax your eyes and your brain, as well. Read a book not related to your work but something that gives you pleasure to help your mind relax and engage you to imagine and get lost in your own world for awhile.

Getting through a hard day at work can be fulfilling, and you can reward yourself with activities that can both refresh your mind and body to look forward to the next days ahead. Hopefully, the above mentioned tips can help you get through your next long day at work and the next.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

It’s Time To Take Your Man Cave Seriously

For the past 30 years, home sizes have been increasing exponentially and are allowing homeowners the freedom to customize spaces in their home like never before. The purpose of a ‘Man Cave’ is pretty simple. A private place where a man can retreat to work on his toys, watch movies and sports, and be free from the responsibilities of the male adult life. Whether its a garage, basement, or back house; you will need a few crucial things to really solidify your man cave.

Fund Your Sanctuary

If you want to do a man cave the right way, you are going to need a place with size that will give you enough room to define your personal space. With remodeling costs, furniture moving, and toy buying; it is important to come up with funds for your project. The average amount of money needed to complete a man cave is anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. Man caves are no light work, and you should make an organized plan for financing and building it before continuing.

Watch The Game The Right Way

While being at the ballpark, stadium, or arena can provide an experience of a lifetime, there’s nothing like enjoying your favorite team play from the comfort of your recliner. The first order of business to any man cave is to make sure you are ready to watch all the games the right way. What does this mean? Huge recliners with cup holders, big screen TV and multiple other screens, and all the sports network cable packages are classic examples of watching sports the way a man is supposed to. Finding the right places to sit is crucial to your gameday experience. From La-z-boy sofas to remote controlled massage chairs, comfort is key when selecting your man cave furniture. Your television is equally important, and selling your man cave short with a small TV set is not an option. Grab a massive TV or multiple normal size ones to watch the game from all angles. With the myriad of HD sports packages, it’s only right you compliment your TV with all the channels and in-depth analysis possible. With these things, your man cave will be impossible to leave.

Man Caves Are Works Of Art

Your man cave is a testament to you and your hobbies and fandom. It’s only right to reflect your passion with effort in the design and decor. The best way to deck your man cave out is with sports and entertainment memorabilia. Since your man cave is your go to spot for watching your hometown or your favorite movie series, why not cover the room in all the gear you can? Jerseys of your favorite players, posters from your favorite movies, and signed gear are all perfect additions to your man cave. Foosball, billiards, and poker tables are also perfect to cap off your dedication to entertainment. With these fun activities as well as collectible decor covering your man cave, all your buddies will be jealous of the sanctuary you have built.

Get Up And Make Your Cave

Though acquiring the furniture, entertainment equipment, memorabilia, and toys needed for a top notch man cave can be pricey, the memories and stress relief are priceless. With recliners and sofas lining your man cave, you’ll be able to sink into your seat while experiencing the big game on your gigantic flat screen TV. Autographed equipment and collectibles will keep you surrounded with the things you love. Take these steps to ensure your man cave is the real deal.

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Monday, August 20, 2018

5 Ways That Online Reviews Can Help You Get A Good Deal

The importance of online reviews cannot be overemphasized. Online reviews provide the perfect opportunity to get firsthand information and feedback about the product or service you intend to buy. Did you know that approximately 90% of customers around the world read online reviews before making a purchase? As a new or existing customer for a product, it is important to pay attention to online reviews and star ratings in order to get the right deal.

Here are 5 ways that online reviews can help you get a good deal


  1. Credibility And Reliability

Buying products or services from a reliable source is critical especially if you are an online shopping enthusiast. The thought of spending a substantial amount of money on a counterfeit product is disturbing.

Determining whether a website is credible can be difficult. However, online reviews can help you a great deal. Reading previous customer reviews can help you judge the seller’s trustworthiness and avoid making a bad purchase.

  1. Online Reviews Provide A Cautionary Step

As a customer, getting the right product into your cart is very important. When buying, however, many vendors will not tell you that their products are inferior or poor quality and will only waste your money. This is why you should take extra precaution before buying to avoid being ripped off or duped.

Take time to read online reviews about the particular item you intend to buy.  Pay attention to complaints and bad experiences posted about the product. This will help you cross-examine the quality and make an informed decision.

  1. Authentic Reviews Give Factual Information

There are many fake online reviews on the internet today; these sham reviews are potentially harmful, defamatory and misleading. Always read online reviews from independent and trusted product review blogs.

Authentic reviews are genuine and provide factual information from previous users and product testers. User experiences help you determine whether you are getting a good deal or not. Remember, if you are okay with the user experience of other customers, then the product is safe to buy.

  1. Product Comparisons Will Help You Get The Best Price Possible

The world has become a global village. Nowadays, you can shop for products affordably from the comfort of your home. Online shopping can help you get amazing deals at the best price possible.

A trusted product review blog that conducts in-depth research on product quality and pricing will help you compare the best brands with the most competitive price. Thus, you can get the best deals and save money on the go.

  1. Save Time And Money

Online reviews will help you spend money the right way. When you read online reviews you will avoid spending money on an item that does not fit your desire. This reduces the need to re-shop, a process that is time-consuming and wasteful on resources. Online reviews also save you the hassle of walking from shop to shop looking for what you what.


There you have it; 5 ways that online reviews will help you get a good deal. Looking for the best longboards of 2018? This comprehensive review by Walter from AA will help you get a great deal. Visit the Authority Adviser website today and get value for your money.

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

What to Know Before Buying a Used Forklift for Your Next Landscaping Project


An important decision people considering a long-term landscaping project will make will be whether to rent or buy a used forklift. The average cost of a forklift per day can exceed $150 per day. If it is cheaper to buy a used forklift, there are a few critical things you need to consider.

Your Responsibilities


Do you know the responsibilities of caring for a forklift full-time? Are you aware of how to care for it? What is the average maintenance costs? Will you need to train operators on how to use it? It is important to go through all the financial responsibilities to ensure it is something you want to take on. Are the advantages better than the disadvantages?

Where Will You Use Your Forklift?


A typical question you need to ask is if you will need a forklift that will be used both indoors and outdoors. It will make a difference in the type of equipment you need to purchase. Forklifts come in all shapes and sizes, which is why you need to know before you go shopping so that you do not get one that does not fit your needs.

How Does a Used Forklift Operate?


Some jobs require a forklift that is durable on rough terrain. Others need forklifts that require entrance to a confined space. Take the time to research each model available so that you know which one is ideal for a home improvement job.

What Are the Forklift’s Specifications?


Used forklifts come in all types of weight, width and length restrictions. Do you know what your home improvement job will require? Securing the wrong forklift that does not live up to your needs may cause damage to occur to your used forklift. It may also cause harm to you or your operators who are caught in the forklift if a turnover occurs.

Choose Between a Sit or Stand Forklift


Did you know that forklifts have unique operations where you can sit or stand when using the forklift? You will want to decide which model will work best for your circumstances so that you are comfortable during the work week.

What Are Your Forklift Needs?


Will you need a forklift that lifts and unloads? Does it need to turn fully around? Will it need to access areas that require accessories? You need to figure it out before buying. Look at applications to ensure you get the right capabilities for your needs.

When Ready to Shop, Ask Model Information


When you know what you need, it will be easier when you shop. Now you need to change your focus from what you need to what fits your needs. How old is the aged forklift? How many operating hours does the model have? What information is available on the maintenance reports? It can tell you a lot about the health of a used forklift.

Lastly, warranties are only good when you buy from a legitimate company. Check with your Better Business Bureau to ensure the company you are buying from has a stellar A+ rating.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

5 Common Questions About E Cigarettes Answered

If you’re new to vaping, there is a high likelihood that you’ve already been “swamped” with a ton of information about electronic cigarettes – both from online and offline sources as well (friends, family, retailers, etc.). To this extent, chances are that some of this information is borderline questionable, while there is good reason to assume that most of it is false.

Why is this so?

First of all, people tend to distrust that which they aren’t familiar with. Electronic cigarettes have been a fairly recent phenomenon, arriving at the U.S. market in the early 2000s and shaking the tobacco industry’s foundations from the grounds up. Amidst this uninvited, and most certainly unsolicited scare, countless of news outlets (and other media) have jumped the bandwagon and assumed that where there’s smoke there’s fire as well. However, all of these faux journalists forgot to remember one crucial thing: e-cigarettes are not combustible devices. Rather, they work on the principle of a part called an ‘atomizer’ heating a pre-filled liquid and therefore releasing aerosol or a vaping mist.

And this is just one of the many misconceptions about e-cigarettes that we’ll try to address, and hopefully, clear the confusion about vaping that you’re potentially having for good.

1. Are E-Cigarettes Safer than Smoking?

Yes they are. The confusion that e-cigarettes were allegedly somehow more harmful than smoking stem from one (now infamous) study dubbed the “formaldehyde letter”. The researching team behind this study claimed that some clearomizers (types of atomizers found in some primitive e-cigarettes) were releasing dangerous amounts of formaldehyde when heated.

But there was one big catch.

The conditions under which the researchers heated these clearomizers were not replicable in the real world. Vapers (and all people with some common sense in them) would never take a puff from a vaporizer that was heated to the point of boiling – as the researchers did with their vaping pens during testing.

A good analogy would be to think about burning your pizza to the point of it becoming one big pile of charcoal, and then proceeding to happily munch on it like it’s the most mundane thing in the world. That’s just not gonna happen under any normal real-life circumstance.

What about any evidence in favor of e-cigs?

A recent study from The Royal College of Physicians of London (the real scientists) concluded that e-cigarettes are indeed safer than smoking. Smoking is linked to a number of serious health issues to both the initial smoker and to those around them. Therefore making the switch from smoking to vaping is a great alternative to begin leading a happy and more prosperous life, the scientists concluded.

2. Is Nicotine Dangerous?

In all honesty, nicotine is an addictive substance and it should be consumed in moderation to avoid feelings of nausea, lightheadedness, headache, and more. However, the same thing could be said about every compound that we come into contact with – even water! But we digress.

Nicotine by itself isn’t known to cause any major health issues such as cancers and other conditions related to the functioning of the heart. It’s rather the other compounds in a combustible cigarette such as tar, ammonia, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and more that are causing these diseases. To date, there have not been any documented cases where an overdose of inhaling the nicotine vapor from e-cigarettes has caused any major health damage. E-cigarettes can in fact help you to manage your nicotine withdrawal as or more effectively than a potential nicotine replacement therapy.

3. Do E-Cigarettes Blow Up?

Granted, this is a fairly loaded question, but we’ll do our best to address it nonetheless.
Virtually all electronic devices, including notebooks, smartphones, and e-cigarettes, require some basic knowledge about how batteries, battery chargers, and power outlets work. For example: if you combine, say, a Samsung charger with a Sony device, and plug your Frankenphone into a power outlet that doesn’t support that voltage, there is a high chance for everything to blow up. The same logic goes for electronic cigarettes as well.

So, those cases about e-cigarettes allegedly causing house fires probably resulted from a reckless use (human factor). In fact, the cumulative data is very clear: combustible cigarettes are by far the number one cause of house fires accident-wise, as reported by this finding by the UK government early in 2011.

4. Which E-cigarette Should I Begin Vaping With?

This question comes down to a personal preference. A refillable tank system e-cigarette can be a good way to start, but keep in mind that this device might take some time getting used to – especially if you’re a former smoker. However, these devices allow for a greater freedom of choice, as they can accommodate a wide range of e-juices, flavors, and also adjust your nicotine intake as your requirements change.

If you’re unsure of which e-cigarette is the right fit for you, feel free to consult with a certified e-cig retailer or chat with another vaper in your free time. Some additional market insights won’t hurt.

5. How Much Nicotine Should I Start With?

The amount of nicotine that you’ll need very much depends on the amount of nicotine you’ve used in the past. Additionally, the amount of nicotine that you can potentially get also depends upon the type of e-cigarette you decide to buy. Roughly speaking, 20-a-day smokers find that 18mg/ml (or 1.8 percent) nicotine should be sufficient enough to cover their nicotine needs. You can use this as a rough guide and see how it goes on.

And that’s a wrap. Keep in mind that there is a lot more ground to cover in regards to vaping misconceptions, but these were the most common and so it was only logical to address them first. If you have any future ideas on topics we should cover – or even continue where we left off – feel free to share them in the comments.

Happy Vaping!

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