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Gift Ideas That Men Will Truly Appreciate

Gift ideas for men

Women have long been considered hard to purchase gifts for, but men are equally so. Gift-giving can be a very intimate experience, and a gift given sincerely is oft never forgotten. With Father’s Day just around the corner, anxiety is understandably high. To purchase a personalized present, you must give serious consideration as to what your brother, husband, or father, likes most.

A gift should be something he will want to let you know he is grateful for every single time he uses it or sees it, and there is nothing quite like being thanked genuinely for a gift. It is one of the best feelings in the world!

Try and Get Your Man a Personalized Item of Clothing

Men are less likely to want a pair of fluffy socks than their female counterparts. Clothes, when bought effectively, can be a great present for men, especially those that have been personalized. The professionals of Polo Tee Printing believe that a personalized shirt can go a long way. Introduce your husband to mens fashion, and make sure that day becomes just a tad more meaningful by having their favorite phrase emblazoned on the front of the T-shirt!  Whatever you buy, it is important to know they will make use of it and cherish it. If you’re buying clothes for a man you should purchase something that’s guaranteed to provide satisfaction, a leather jacket or some desert boots.

The Best Gifts You Can Buy Your Man

A travel shaving kit

Often the most irritating part of a man’s day can be grooming himself. There are plentiful kits listed on the internet, inside of which you can find the essentials, including facial cleanser, moisturizer, toothpaste, and wide array of razors to alleviate the burden of shaving every morning, and make it as comfortable as you can.

A thermos

Oftentimes, men commute to work, whether by train, bus, or car. It can be a great relief to save a few dollars on coffee, to have a good thermos waiting for you by the front door. Whether he fills it with soup, or tea, most modern thermos’ can retain heat for up to 10 hours. Cost effective and thoughtful.

A robe

Every man loves a good robe. If your father, brother, or partner does not own a robe, then it is time you bought him one. You might just find that he spends a lot more time at home, lounging around in his new robe. For a cost, you can purchase silk or cashmere robes which will feel like Heaven against his skin. There are more cost-effective robes on a budget, like cotton and fleece. Egyptian Cotton can be luxuriously soft, and cheap!

Portable cooler

Is your man an outdoorsman? A woodsman? Why not get him an outdoor cooler? From long fishing trips with the guys, two days out at the beach, every guy needs something to put an icy beer in for a hot summer’s afternoon.

A gilet or puffer jacket

Summer’s here, but winter will soon be back upon us. If your man is totally not ready for the winter chills, then why not get him prepared with a down jacket? It’s an essential in every man’s wardrobe, and if he already has one, buy him another!

A portable beer tap

Perhaps the best on the list, have you considered getting your man a portable beer tap? He can turn his canned or bottled beer into a brew. Similar to SodaStream, these devices will offer him crisp, chilled beverages, anywhere he goes. He will be able to take the beer with him everywhere… even to the office!

Wireless headphones

If your man is a music aficionado, then perhaps the best gift to give him would be a pair of wireless headphones. There is an innumerable amount on the market, many different shapes, and colors. With so many to choose from, perhaps that would be the perfect gift for your rock ‘n’ roll Dad.

Gift Card

What If He Doesn’t Like My Gift?

We’ve all been there before, what if your man doesn’t like your gift? Well, truthfully, there isn’t much you can do, other than return it. Which is why you should always keep the receipt of purchase for any gift, or item you buy, should you ever need to return it. If he dislikes the gift, but through gritted teeth,  smiles and feigns interest, in the dead of night retrieve it from his man cave and return to the store from where it came and return, return, return it!

When you return, be sure to ask him what exactly it is he wants, so you don’t make the same mistake again. Oftentimes, the best way to find the gift for people is to just ask them what it is exactly they want, rather than changing fate. If it goes awry, then just pay the bills for him! Men can be very simple to pick gifts for if you know the person. If not, you should do some research at the risk of giving a gift that is received begrudgingly!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Which sports channels does your man cave need in 2020?

Sports channels

So, you’re in the process of building or refining your man cave. We’re entering the hectic summer sports season and you want to be able to kick back and unwind, watching some of the best live sport on the planet from the comfort of your own bar. Although it might sound like a pie-in-the-sky aspiration, it’s very easy to get access to Major League sports and other popular leagues across the globe at your fingertips.

As broadband and fibre optic connectivity continues to improve year on year, it’s not just satellite channels that are worth your consideration. You should also look into the live streaming services that you can hook up to your television via computers, laptops and even mobile devices. Luckily for you, we’ve broken down the best subscription services offered by sport, so that you can investigate further depending on which sports you’re most interested in.


The NFL is only a matter of weeks away, with the latest trends and data already being assessed ahead of the 2020/21 campaign. The NFL Network and NFL RedZone are available with a host of US cable networks and residential service providers. The RedZone is hosted by Scott Hanson, providing life NFL coverage of games scheduled during Sunday afternoons. Meanwhile the NFL Network also covers the Thursday night action too.

You can get subscriptions with the likes of Xfinity, Cox, fuboTV, and Sling TV. FOX Sports also has broadcasting rights to showcase many of the NFL’s Thursday Night Football games. Services like Sling TV also give you access to ESPN, which covers the Monday night games too.



For those with a satellite dish, you can get your hands on an exclusive NBA League Pass. At a cost of just $79.99 a month, you will get access to all in-market and out-of-market games broadcast across all four leading networks – NBA’s own TV channel, ESPN, TNT and ABC.

If you would rather not be beholden to satellite networks, we’d also recommend checking out the PlayStation Vue package. PlayStation 4 owners can get a plan that covers NBA action for $49.99 a month, covering the same four networks as the NBA League Pass. Unlimited cloud DVR is also provided as part of the package. The best-value non-cable option for b-ball lovers is Sling TV, which can be picked up for just $30 a month, although ABC coverage isn’t included in this bundle.


There are two easy options for baseball lovers. If you have a satellite dish, the simplest solution is to sign up to MLB Extra Innings. It’s available on a monthly basis for $30.50 per month via DIRECTV or $183 a year via DIRECTV. You can also get it via satellite packages through Dish and Xfinity.

If you are prepared to “cut the cord” and avoid cable packages, consider the official MLB.TV plan, available for $24.99 a month. You can also pay annually, with $121.99 giving you access to live games for all teams and access to just games involving your favorite team costing $93.99 a year.


Looking for the best way to watch NHL games at home? Let’s take a look at the most popular cable networks for NHL coverage. NBC, NBC Sports Network and the NHL Network are the most common broadcasters, with NBC and NBCSN offering nationwide coverage.

NBC and NBCSN are the leading broadcasters for the NHL playoffs and the Stanley Cup Finals, so if you want to make sure that you can watch the biggest games on the ice, they are a good starting point. NHL.TV is the best solution for those going ‘off cord’ with on-demand streaming available for either $144.99 a season or $24.99 a month.


The 2020/21 MLS soccer season kicked off at the end of February. If you are a soccer fan and want to follow your team all the way through the regular season – and hopefully the MLS Cup – ESPN+ is the way to go. ESPN+ is the live streamed, on-demand subscription service that’s available for just $4.99 a month. It offers access to dozens of out-of-market games and other ESPN action too.

If you want more than just the MLS, consider FuboTV’s cable plan which costs between $54.99-$74.99 a month and gives you direct access to 32 soccer channels with the aid of FOX Soccer Plus.

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Golf For Beginners: Essential Items You Should Have

Beginners in golf may find it confusing and challenging to select the essential items to put in their bags. Without the right things, your experience playing golf might be subpar (no pun intended). Continue reading to know six items that you should always bring for every golf trip.

Golf For Beginners


The right golf driver for beginners can help alleviate several problems on the course. Use the right golf club, and you can reduce the occurrences of issues like:

  • Swinging too hard
  • Swinging too soft
  • Poor alignment
  • Poor grip

Choosing the right driver should be the first, albeit one of the most challenging decisions to make for beginner golfers. However, this isn’t impossible to achieve.

You can find three different driverclubhead sizes: small, medium, and large. Small-sized club heads allow excellent control for each swing thanks to their lightweight frames. Large clubheads are ideal for taking long shots. On the other hand, medium-sized club heads have characteristics that are between small and large club heads, creating excellent balance for golfers who have trouble perfecting their shots.

Also, consider the shaft, loft, and length when shopping for the appropriate driver to your bag. Practice your swings with the right club, and you should see a significant improvement in your performance at the golf course.

Essential Items for Golf

Golf Balls

You can’t play golf without golf balls and running out of balls while you’re playing can happen to both beginners and experienced golf players.

Try to use at least three to four golf ball sleeves. The extra balls should suffice if you hit one, and it went somewhere where it’s hard to retrieve. Try practicing your swings first at the driving range before you hit the nine or 18-hole courses to avoid unintentionally losing golf balls.

Furthermore, bringing more than four balls at once will place an unwanted weight in your golf bag. Travel light, especially if you’re golfing without a cart to now cause any injuries on your shoulders.


Some beginners and even some veteran golfers tend to overlook the value of bringing towels during golf trips. Most golf courses tend to not have proper shades, and you’ll regularly walk under the sun. Soon, you’ll find your gloves dripping with sweat, which can adversely affect your ideal swing.

Always keep at least two towels in your bag. One towel is for your sweat, and the other one is for your clubs. Don’t hesitate to wipe your hands, forehead, and clubs before swinging to help ensure that perfect strike.

Sun Screen

Many golfers play under the heat, so it should make sense to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Otherwise, you’ll come home with sunburnt skin, which can be annoying and painful.

Pick the most suitable sunscreen for your skin as some of these skincare products can be too oily or too dry. Constantly wiping your face due to a greasy sunscreen will ruin your game.

Consider using spray-on sunscreen instead of the cream variants. That way, you can keep your hands dry, maintain proper sun protection on your skin, and swing without any worries.

Golf Tees

Golf tees tend to fly off into the distance for each swing. Don’t be that person that needs to borrow a tee in the middle of a course. Keep a significant amount of tees in your bag to ensure that you don’t run out.

Also, tees tend to come in two materials: plastic or wood. Wooden tees tend to have better durability than their plastic counterparts, but they might not offer excellent balance. On the other hand, plastic tees might be less durable than wood, but these can provide a better balance to balls.

Beginner golfers should consider purchasing both plastic or wooden tees at the start of their golfing journeys. Use both to identify which would you like between these two options.

Ball Markers

This is the most commonly used term by golfers to indicate a commonly small, flat object which is used to mark the place of a golf ball where it has been lifted on the putting green. Recently, ball makers refer to anything that helps golfers add a label or put any type of decoration to a golf ball.

Perhaps one mishap that you don’t want to happen often in the golf course is when two balls bump into each other. It will be tough for golfers to determine where their ball stopped. Use golf markers instead to mark the location of where your ball stopped.


Your golf bag should contain essential items like the right drivers, sunscreens, golf balls, golf ball markers, towels, and tees before you go on a golfing trip. Remember to practice your swings regularly to develop that perfect swing, which could land you that coveted “Hole in One”.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Hardwood Flooring Finishes and Textures to Get the Perfect Look

There is no question about the popularity of the hardwood in interior design. The reason might be because wood is a versatile flooring material and you can slay it in numerous styles, cuts, finishes, and colors. 

Due to technological advancements and an increase in user demand for wood flooring, manufacturers are always busy experimenting with the cuts and styling of the wood to bring something for every home.

So, if you are planning to add wood in your flooring, then think no further. It is the best choice! Just pick up the desired hardwood flooring trends enlisted above and install them. You will never regret your decision – they are so awesome!

Matte Finishes to Stay Low Key:

If going bling-bling is not your kind of thing, then this matte finish is just the perfect solution for you. Not everyone wants to live in a home, coming straight from a royal storybook. Some people want to live in a home that just feels like ‘home’ – all-natural, warm, and simple. Matte finishes click right on this desire of people who want hardwood flooring with less sheen. And not to forget that matte finish is also a life saviour if you live in a dusty area or have children that are always ready to put a scratch on your glossy floor. 

Sustainable Finishing is Getting Popular:

When sustainability is becoming a living mantra of people, hardwood floor finishing is also tilting towards this life’s goal. Instead of going for low-grade polyurethanes, people are opting for high-grade options that are sustainable and nature friendly.

People are also switching to oiled finishing because it is durable and helps in retaining the texture and color of the wood. The best thing about oil finishing is that you don’t need a professional person to fix scratches and smudges. 

You can put an oil coat yourself whenever or wherever you get scratch on the surface. So, with oiled finishing, you don’t need to walk on the floor carefully or scold children while they are dragging the chair because you can anytime fix the damage!

Wire Brushed Finish is Here to Stay:

Not a fan of plain, shiny, and smooth wood finishes, and want to add some texture? Then this wire brushed finish is just the right fit for you. You can take wire brushed finishes as a modern saga of distressed wood. 

It gives a vintage look to the surface of the floor by enhancing the graining of the wood. But unlike distressed wood, it doesn’t lean towards a rough surface look – just a little bit of the texture for rugged-look lovers.

Dark Toned Wood for Black Lovers

Dark colors have a class of their own. You no longer need shiny black tiles to complete your apartment’s look. Now you can do the same with hardwood. This trend has been growing very fast for the past decade, and it is a design that never goes wrong. Other than dark red, green, and blue, dark-toned hardwood blends with every color. Light and white colors create a perfect eye-catching contrast that gives your home a luxury look. 

Many people go with a mix of grey and dark brown to add coolness and a bit of depth in the design. This hardwood design usually requires high maintenance and more cleaning compared to most other floors. That’s why it’s usually the choice of people who have servants or don’t have any kids at home. 

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Monday, May 11, 2020

Nato Watch Strap: How To Choose Styles That Is Best For Everyday Use

Nato Watch

Shopping for a watch, let alone various watch straps to go about with it, can be quite challenging. After all, a watch isn’t just like any other piece of jewelry that one can own. It has a functional purpose by obviously telling time. But, there’s also the element of style that you have to consider. When it’s something that you wear every day, you’ll also need to stay comfortable and confident wearing it.

With the Nato watch strap, the great news is that there are so many designs for you to choose from. Thus, increasing the probability of you ending up with that watch strap that’s within your best preference.

When the market is swamped with cheap options that are of more inferior quality, you may want to choose watch straps that you can rely on. That way, you know that you’re buying an investment piece that’ll last you for many years to come.

That said, as you head out to shop for new watch straps, keep in mind the following tips when choosing styles that can go well for daily use:

Get The Right Size

Before you buy anything online form the selection of Nato watch straps found at, go through the same process as you would do, had you shopped in-store instead.

Measure your wrist first so that you’re sure that you’ll end up with the right size. You wouldn’t want a strap that’s too long since this will look cheap and unnecessarily bulky. Then, you wouldn’t want one that’s too tight since it’s also going to be uncomfortable to wear.

Watch straps are generally measured in lug width, which is in millimeters.

Match It With Your Personality

If you’re going to wear watch straps, choose the one that best speaks to your personality. If you’re giving it as a gift, then think of the person that’s going to receive the watch. You must be able to match the strap with their personality so that they’ll be pleased about using the watch every day. Else, chances are, they won’t even try to wear the strap.

If you know in your heart that it doesn’t speak to you, then it’s better to choose another one from the many available options instead.

Here are some of the popular style groups for you to choose from:

  • Sports watch straps, which are generally meant for outdoor use
  • Casual watch straps, often come in the form of leather straps since these are the most versatile
  • Fashion watch straps, come with more intricate details
  • Dress watch straps, meant for more formal occasions

Check The Hardware

Nato Watch Strap

Along with the watch strap itself is the choice of the hardware. While it may only be a tiny part of your watch, it’s quite significant as it put your whole watch together.

The hardware should also match the face or the dial of the watch itself. Moreover, it should also be of a color or material that you’re comfortable using. For example, some individuals have an aversion to yellow gold, so they’d rather go for white gold instead.

Also, choose good quality hardware so that you know it’s not something that’ll just tarnish after a short time of using it.

Consider The Materials

The material of your strap will also be something that’s a matter of personal preference; this also depends on what you generally do for a living every day.

For example, if you’re usually in the office, then you can go for gold, white gold, or leather straps. But, if you work outdoors, then a rubber strap might work better.

Whenever you’re unsure, stick with the neutral colors. For stainless steel, there’s gold and silver. For leather, there’s brown or black. Lastly, for the rubber straps, you want to stick to black.

Factor In Your Age

Different age groups have their respective preferences.

For example, the younger ones, or the millennials, might be more keen on bold styles with details and even brighter colors. Teenagers may also prefer watches that look like charm bracelets. Then, on the other hand, older adults might want to stick with the classics.


The tips enumerated above are meant to help make the watch strap shopping process easier for you. The last thing that you’d want is to end up overwhelmed or confused.

With this, you’re able to give yourself that chance of a more informed choice. Henceforth, you’re sure that the watch strap you’re buying is one that you’ll be pleased with for many years to come.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

4 Things to Consider While Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Things to Consider While Hiring a Roofing Contractor

When it comes to hiring a roofing contractor, it is something you do not want to do over and over again. That is why it is important for you to hire a contractor that will get the job done the right way. Hiring a roofing contractor can be expensive, and it will also take a lot of your time. So you need to do your research before finally making a decision. Apart from that, you also need to educate yourself about roofing, so when you are talking to the contractor, you will be able to understand what plans they are implementing and what measures are necessary. It will also help you get the desired results as you will be able to explain better what kind of roof design you want. But before you go through all that and make a decision to hire a roofing contractor, here are a few things that you need to consider first:

Visit Multiple Roofing Contractors

One huge mistake a lot of people make while hiring a roofing contractor is that they do not explore all the options they have available. Instead of negotiating with the first company you come across, you should try to find out more contractors in your town and must see what they are offering. Once you have visited several contractors, you will be able to differentiate well and will see which option is promising you the best services at a promising price. Also, make sure to take at least three bids from all the contractors so it will be easier for you to compare the price.

Check their Work Samples

Before you let the contractor start work on your roof, it is only fair to ask them for samples or references first. You need to ensure that the contractor you have hired is skilled enough, and instead of relying on their word, let their work speak for them. You can ask them for pictures of the projects they have done before to get a good look. Most of the contractors already have a portfolio of their projects on their website so that you can look there as well. Also, you can ask them for their previous clients as well and can reach out to them directly if possible.

Licensed and Insured

It is unethical for a roofing contractor to work without a license, so when you are hiring someone, it is the first thing you should be asking. Hiring a licensed roofing contractor does not only mean you are going for a legit contractor, but it also means that they are highly skilled. In order to obtain the license, a contractor has to go through several exercises, and tests and the license is granted only if they pass the test. Also, another thing you need to look for is whether your contractor is insured or not. A good roofing contractor has insurance as well, so if a worker gets injured during the process or your house receives any damage, they will be able to take care of it.

Client Reviews

A roofing contractor should not just be judged based on his or her portfolio, but they should be judged on the client reviews as well. In this age of the internet, you can easily look up for reviews on the contractor’s website. If you don’t trust the website reviews, you can always check their social media profiles as well and can see what their customers have to say about them. You can also get reviews from the local community where they provide services and can ask their former clients directly about the quality of the services.

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Thursday, April 30, 2020

What Should I Get For My Girlfriend’s Grandma?

Not everyone is easy to shop for. If you’re trying to find a gift for your girlfriend’s grandma, for example, you may struggle to find good options.
Thankfully, there are plenty of great ideas to consider. If you don’t know what to buy, these are a few options you’ll want to keep in mind.

Make A Gift Basket

You may not be able to make a gift for your girlfriend’s grandma. However, you can put together a gift basket.
This is a wonderful way to personalize a gift and show someone that you really care about them.

You can include virtually anything in a gift basket, which means you can include items that appeal to them.
For example, if you know your girlfriend’s grandma loves chocolate, you could place a few gourmet chocolate bars in their gift basket.
Putting together a custom basket can be a lot of fun.

Consider High-Quality Tea

Many women like to drink tea. If you know that your girlfriend’s grandmother is a tea drinker, you should take that into account when you’re
choosing a present. You could treat her to high-quality teas that she might not be willing to buy for herself.

When you’re buying tea for someone, you’ll want to make sure you know what kind of tea they like to drink.
You may want to avoid teas that contain caffeine, as caffeine can cause issues for many people. If you’re splurging on tea, you’ll want to choose teas that will be appreciated. A teapot can also be a terrific present.

Look At Blankets And Throw Pillows

As women grow older, they are more likely to have issues with circulation, which means they’re more likely to feel cold at certain times of the year. That’s why throw blankets are a wonderful present. If your girlfriend’s grandma is feeling a bit chilly, she’ll be able to throw on the blanket that you’ve gifted her.

Throw pillows can also make a lovely present. They’re a great piece of home decor, but they can also be a functional piece of clothing. A throw pillow can help someone to sit comfortably when they’re relaxing at home.

Pampering Presents

When you’re giving someone a gift, it’s a wonderful opportunity to pamper them. For example, you could gift someone a spa certificate so that they can treat themselves to a facial or a massage. You could also give a gift certificate to a restaurant so that they can treat themselves to a night out.

A lot of people spend time taking care of other people, but they don’t focus on caring for themselves. If you’ve noticed that this is an issue for your girlfriend’s grandma, you may want to give her a present that will make her feel pampered.

Don’t know what to buy for your girlfriend’s grandma? Keep these suggestions in mind if you’re trying to find great presents. All of these gift suggestions should be very appreciated. Follow this advice, and you’ll be able to find the right gifts for grandma at the right price point.

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