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How To Use a Check Register

How To Use A Check RegisterA check register is an essential part of having a checking account. This is where you keep track of all the activity in your checkbook. Sometimes people will use duplicate checks too. In your checking account at the bank, money goes in and money comes out often. The money going in is called income. The money going out is called expenses. If you know how to use a check register properly, you can keep your account balance and up to date.

Using Your Check Register The Right Way

All this coming and going of money in and out of your account is called your cash flow. If you have more money flowing out of your checking account than flowing into your account, your account will be overdrawn. If your checking account is overdrawn, it will cost you money. Your bank will charge you fees. The businesses or utilities that you wrote checks to will charge you fees.

Bouncing a check is another term used when you write a check and don’t have enough money in your account. Keeping your personal and business checking accounts in order is necessary. You can find checks, check registers, and other financial products from the Deluxe company.

Using a check register properly will help you from having to pay fees. In your check register, you record your transactions. It is simple accounting. Write down your deposits and write down your withdrawals. Your deposits are income. Your withdrawals are expenses.

Be sure to keep a running total in your check register. This running total is your balance. Your balance lets you know how much money you have in your account. Make sure you check for addition and subtraction errors. Accuracy is important.

Check Register Tips

Write down every transaction. This includes deposits made automatically like if your paycheck is direct deposited. This also includes automatic payments like a car payment or utility payments.

Remember to record all your transactions. Did you hit the ATM? Write it down. Did you write a check? Record it in your check register and then total. Did you deposit a paper check? Don’t forget to put that in your check register too.

Reconciling Your Check RegisterYou must reconcile your account. Reconciling your account is when you compare your check register with the records the bank has. They must match. If they don’t match either you or the bank has made an error. You must find the error and correct it. Some errors are in your favor. Some errors are in the bank’s favor. Reconciling can also help you to see if you have been a victim of identity theft.

Take a look at your check register regularly. By reviewing it, your account will be in good shape. This adds to your overall financial health.

These how to use your check register hints will be helpful. All you have to do is follow them.

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How To Read a Check

How To Read A Check You know checks, right? You still write them? I know I do. Not a lot, but they do come in handy. Checks are nothing new. But even though checks have been around for a long time, they can be confusing. There are a lot of spaces and numbers and more numbers on checks. What do they all mean? What do they stand for? Let’s take a look at how to read a check and find out all this stuff for ourselves.

Learning How To Read Everything On a Check

Do you have your checkbook handy? If you don’t, you can find out more about checkbooks and checks for business and personal by clicking here. If you do, get it out and open it up. If you don’t have a check nearby, find a check image online and look at it. Too much trouble you say? Alright, I give in. Take a look at the image of a check I have toward the top.

See where it says, “Bank Name”? That is wrong. Normally, your personal information is printed there. It will have your name, your address, and usually your phone number. If it is a check issued by a business, then that business’ information will be in that space.

Pay To The Order Of: This line is known as the “payee line”. Usually, the name of a person or business goes here. Sometimes the check will be made payable to “Cash”. If it is, don’t lose it because whoever has it could then cash it.

Check Number: See those numbers in the upper right-hand corner of the check? Those are simply the number of the check. Sometimes they are on the bottom of the check too. They’ll be to the right of the account number.

Date Space: This one is self-explanatory. Usually, the date the check was written is filled in hear. Sometimes the check writer will put a date in the future there. That is called “post-dating”. If you see a future date on the check, it is a good idea to find out why they did that.

The Dollar Box: In here is the amount of the check written using numbers.

The Dollars Line: This is where the amount of the check is written out mostly in words. (The cents part is usually written in numbers) If the amount in the Dollar Box is different than what is in this space, the written out amount is what matters. The written amount is the official amount.

The Signature Line: That’s where the check writer signs the check. If you are given a check, make sure it is signed or you’ll have problems depositing the check.

The Memo Line: This is sometimes filled in by the check writer. It is simply a space to note what the check was for.

What’s With All Those Numbers On The Bottom?The Numbers on The Bottom of Your Check

The numbers on the bottom always confused me. I was never sure what they were. I thought they had something to do with the checking account number. I was never sure how to read those numbers on a check.

The first time I ever had anything direct deposited was when I got acquainted with those numbers.

Routing Number: Formally known as the ABA routing number or just the routing number. This long string of numbers to the left of the shorter string of numbers has a specific purpose. It is a numeric address of the bank of the check writer. The numbers are for a computer to “read”.

Account Number: This set of numbers, to the right of the routing number, identifies the account the check is “drawn from”. It is the unique number of the account from which the funds will be withdrawn.

I think with all the information I supplied above, that you are now an expert on how to read checks.

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How I’m Going To Spend My Summer Beercation

How I'm Going To Spend My Summer Beercation

Downtown Alton, Illinois

Summer is in full force here in my part of Illinois. That means summer vacation time for me. I slow down my work schedule during the summer months so I can have some fun. Fun for me is getting in the water, riding my Harley-Davidson, doing a little traveling, and knocking back pints of delicious craft beer. So, now is as good a time as any to plan how I’ll be spending my summer “beercation” this year. Craft Joint friends, here we go.

My Summer of Beer is Here

I’m a firm believer in extending the experience. If I’m going to have fun, and I do like having fun, I’m going to dedicate either as much time as possible to that fun or I’ll increase the frequency of the fun. If I can do both, you know the saying, “Winner, Winner, Chicken and Beer Dinner”. Yeah, I modified it a bit for my evil beer purposes.

Hitting It Close To Home

Currently, I’m calling the Mississippi River town of Alton, IL home. There’s a really nice little downtown bar district near the river. I know some of the bar owners and they carry some real flavorful craft beers.

Bossanova in Alton, ILBossanova is a classy, sassy bar with top-shelf creative food and a cocktail and craft beer menu to match. I’ll be sure to visit Bossanova often.

Catdaddy's Bar in Alton, Illinois

The Cat’s is Where its At!

Catdaddy’s is my hometown divey bar in the best sense of the word. I was just there the other night having some new cans of craft they stocked. Cat’s, as we call it, will be graced often with my drinking presence.

There’s a self-serve craft beer place called the Germania Brew Haus which I’ve only been to once. Okay, twice. I’ll be sure to check in there again.

Chez Marilyn’s is downtown and I was there to have a new IPA. More from them as the summer wears on.

The Old Bakery Brewing Company is a micro-brewery which I have yet to visit. Yeah, shameful. I have emptied quite a few of their canned craft brews though. I know I’ll be getting together with some of my craft blasting buds there for sure.

Across the River

St. Louis, MO is just a short drive across the river. St. Louis is a beer town. I’m not talking about big corporate beer, I’m talking craft. A whole bunch of craft beers are in and around St. Louis. I will do a little research and make a hit list. Some I’ll hit solo. Others I’ll drag someone with or meet some like-minded beer friends there.

I think I have a rough outline for my craft “beering” over the next couple months or so. As I hit these joints I’ll let you know what I’ve been drinking and my thoughts on my craft beer explorations.

More craft beer fun next week. Cheers to my summer beercation!

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Beat the Heat at These 5 Delhi Attractions

Summers – the most dreaded season is here already! You get long holidays in summers, but, the scorching sun conspires its best to keep you inside the four walls of your home. However, wait, what’s your plan this year? Are you letting the sun win again this year? Will you be lying around in your house with your laptop or smartphone only? If your answer is yes to both the above questions, then you are doing injustice to yourself and your family too. Just plan a trip to Delhi and enjoy the vacation this summer. Here we are giving you top 5 attractions in Delhi that can make you freeze in the summers. Search for Jaipur to Delhi flights and get ready to beat the heat and have lots of fun with your family.

Beat the Heat at These 5 Delhi Attractions

Ski India – This is Asia’s largest indoor snow park based on sci-fi. This snow ski resort provides a whole bunch of cool adventurous activities. Do you want to know the names of theactivities? Well, they offer ski riding, tubing, toboggan, bobsledding, sliding slopes, ice lounge, monorails and a penguin show too. All these activities can keep you and your family engaged and entertained the entire day. Moreover, you will undoubtedly forget that it’s the summer season until you are inside the snow park.

Gondola Ride @ The Grand Venice – Who said you need to go to Venice to experience the pleasure of Gondola ride? A mall named The Grand Venice is built in the Greater Noida replicating the feel of the city of Venice. You can visit the mall this summer and enjoy the Gondola ride in the water canal built inside the mall. What can feel much soothing than water all around in the scorching summer of June? Forget about the summers and have this unique experience of shopping in The Grand Venice mall.

iSKATE – This entertainment centresprawling across 15,00 sq. ft. is a great escape from the rising mercury level. 200 skaters take part together at this entertainment centre. The temperature is maintained at a pleasant mark. You can drink hot beverages and eat hot foods if you love that or you can also enjoy ice-creams to enjoy the coolness of the place completely. The cost per person is also meagre as compared to other entertainment centres.

Adventure Island – This amusement park is an island full of adventures. Moreover,yes, a lot of these adventures are so cool that they can beat the heat easily. The rides like water coaster, rain dance, swan boat, aqua bump and fire brigades’ ride are some of the most popular summer rides. The ticket prices are worth the fun you can have with your family on the adventure island.

Ice Bar – If you are looking for something other than places like water park and amusement park, then Ice Bar is the place for you. As the name suggests, the bar primarily focusses on Ice, making it among the coolest bars in Delhi. Focus on ice does not mean that you’ll be served lots of ice in your drinks. Thisis a one of a kind barwhere everything is made of ice. Yes, you heard it right. The walls, the decorative sculptors, the bar counter, the sofas,and chairs are all made of ice. Don’t worry the bartendersare not made of ice; they are the real persons who serve real drinks but obviously in ice glasses.

When there are so many places filled with ice and ice-cold water in Delhi, why would you like to stay inside your house? Get out of your house and have some cool fun in Delhi this summer!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Where Can I Find Payroll Checks

Where Can I Find Payroll ChecksPayroll checks are a tool that businesses need and use. Many businesses large and small prefer actual paper checks to pay their employees rather than direct deposit options. Let’s take a look at this and answer the question, “Where can I find payroll checks”. 

Finding Payroll Checks for My Business

Why should I use actual paper checks?

Here’s a brief look at the advantages of using payroll checks.

*Everyone can be paid with a check. Anyone with a valid identification can cash a check.

*Efficient for short-term employees or contract workers.

*Easy to stop payment is a mistake is made.

*Easily accessed record of payments.

Where can I buy them?

Secure Payroll Checks from DeluxeWhen you’re buying payroll checks for your business, the checks must be printed on special paper. This security paper stock works in your favor to prevent fraud. 

The design on your checks is up to you. They can be rather blank. You may prefer a custom look with your company logo on the checks.

Here’s some places you can purchase payroll checks.

*Online Retailers. There are specialty online retailers that specialize in payroll checks and other business forms. One such long standing company is Deluxe. More information about Deluxe is available by clicking here. 

*Local Small Business. I’ve seen many locally owned and operated businesses which specialize in servicing small businesses in their area. They offer business payroll checks along with other products and services.

*Office Supply Chain Store. There are a number of larger retail outlets specifically targeting business customers. Most likely, there is one near you.

*Membership Stores. These big box stores require a fee to join. However they offer many products and services at very competitive price points.

Last Look

Payroll checks can be found many places. The preference is yours. If you are looking for customizable payroll checks with a choice of formats that will be securely sent to your business, finding out more about a company such as Deluxe worth the effort.

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How To Tell If A LUXE Watch Is Fake Or Authentic

If you are buying a luxury swiss watch then this is likely one of your biggest concerns.

How do I know if this watch is actually authentic? It’s a good point. But, we can tell you that it’s not as difficult as you might think to tell the difference between a fake or authentic watch from a top watch brand.

The reason is, people who sell fake watches aren’t legendary watchmakers with centuries of experience. They don’t have access to the latest cutting edge tools, and they tend not use the best materials either.

However, it takes more than a quick glance to figure it out. So we are going to point out the top things to look out for now so you are in the know.


You would be surprised how many fakes are spelt wrong. In large part it is done on purpose so that the seller cannot be taken down and sued. Check the brand name is spelt correctly.


How does the watch feel? Do make a comparison you might need to go to a reputable jeweller and try on some of their watches. Feel what a real watch feels like. Then feel the weight of the watch you are buying. Generally, cheaper materials don’t weigh as much.


Many pre-owned watches come with a certificate. This is definitely one of the best ways to be certain of authenticity. However, just because your watch doesn’t have one doesn’t mean it is a fake.


Who are you buying your watch from? The best place to buy a pre-owned watch is from a trusted site like Chronoexpert. If you buy a watch there you know that it has been checked and verified is authentic.


Make sure you have images of what the watch should look like. Or, if you can go and see it for real. Very often there will be obvious mistakes made such as having a clear casing when it should be solid. Or a watch missing the logo when it should have one.


Where you ever told, if it is too good to be true it probably isn’t. Sadly, this is often the case. Luxury watches are expensive because the materials and labour cost that go into producing them are high. If you are being sold a pre-owned watch at a very low price, the likelihood is, it is a fake.

Check for these signs & don’t be fooled into buying a fake watch. Quality is worth the wait. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this post in the comments below. Are there any signs we have missed?

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Craft Beer News June 2018

The Craft Joint

Craft Beer News for June 2018A Look at Craft Beer News for June 2018

Welcome to June my craft beer appreciating friends! It is the month summertime begins and for most in the northern hemisphere, the temperatures have been summer-like. Not so much up in the northern reaches. Hell, I’ve been in snowstorms in July up on Logan Pass in Glacier Park, but the far northerners will catch up with their own version of summertime eventually! Since the topic is craft beer, let’s get to it. Time for some craft beer news for June 2018.

North American Beer Awards

North American Beer AwardsThe Mountain Brewers Beer Fest 2018 is now history. That means the North American Beer Awards (NABA) is in the bag. This charity event has been happening for 24 years. It is put together thanks to The Mountain Brewers Beer Fest, the North America Brewers Association and various charity partners. Since its inception, over $1 million has been raised for worthy causes. The event was held Saturday, June 2 in Idaho Falls and acts as the area’s top summer kick-off event.

The judging of the event is a single-blind sampling. After that, the beers in that category are ranked. That’s a very straightforward judging system in my book.

One of my favorite watering holes came away with some awards. Whenever I’m up in North Western Montana, I make a point to spend as much time as possible in Whitefish. Whitefish is home to the Great Northern Brewing Company. Their Good Med Montana Red Ale was a Gold Medal winner in the American-Style Strong Ale category. In the English-Style India Pale Ale category, Great Northern’s venerable Going to the Sun IPA earned a Silver Medal. Congratulations to all involved at the Great Northern Brewing Company!

NABA had some cider categories and an outfit just across the river from me over in St. Louis, MO fared well. The Brick River Cider Company Firehouse Rose cider brought home a Silver Medal in the Specialty (Flavored) Ciders category. That’s a job well done by the gang at The Brick River Cider Company!

Interestingly, some big corporate brewers were winners in a few categories. Also, some breweries that don’t meet the Brewers Association definition of “craft” won some awards too. I’ve always said that some of these operations make some tasty beer, but I do my best to support the independent brewers.

A full listing of the NABA categories and winners can be found here.

Societe Brewing Now Has Crowlers

Societe Brewing Company San Diego CrowlersSociete Brewing Company has gone greener. Located in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego, CA, Societe now has a crowler machine to offer their faithful customers an environmentally friendly and easy on the wallet beer-to-go option.

A crowler is 32-ounce recyclable aluminum can that can be filled at the brewery just like the familiar growler. With almost all of Societe’s beers being draft, this is a handy option for the customers and a plus for the brewery.

Growlers can be costly, they have to be cleaned and sanitized before you reuse them, and you have to remember to bring them along. With crowlers, you can simply select your beers and enjoy them wherever you choose. Afterwards, toss them into a recycling bin like any aluminum can.

Craft News Roundup

Here are some short-form newsworthy activities happening in the world of craft beer.

Stone Brewing is continuing their trademark infringement lawsuit against MillerCoors. Stone is trying to prevent MillerCoors from selling Keystone products with the word “stone” isolated on the packaging.

The Boston Beer Company, makers of Sam Adams, Twisted Tea, and Angry Orchard products, was fine just under a million dollars for selling unregistered products in the state of New York. Boston Beer Company said a clerical error was the problem.

The Craft Kave adds more beer. At Guaranteed Rate Field, home of the Chicago Whitesox, 16 craft beers have been added to the “Craft Kave”. Most of the new craft beers available in the Craft Kave are from Illinois-based craft breweries.

That’s it for the craft beer news June 2018 from The Craft Joint. Keep drinking that independently-owned tasty craft beer. I know I will. Cheers!

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