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Who are the Highest Paid Actors?

The Team all like to watch a good movie, we were having a discussion yesterday on Who are the Highest Paid Actors?

I’ve been having a look today and found the Forbes List 2017 of the highest paid actors.  I wonder if you’re favorite is up there on the list?

Let’s take a look and see who makes it to the list

Who are the Highest Paid Actors?

#1. Mark Wahlberg: $68 million

Wahlberg recorded his highest ever pay days thanks to movies like Daddy’s Home 2 and Transformers: The Last Knight.

I’ve always been a Transformers fan, but I was disappointed with The Last Knight – it doesn’t stop Wahlberg getting paid though!

#2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: $65 million

Movies-wise, The Rock commanded eight figure upfront fees for Baywatch and Jumanji.  Ok, I’ll admit I watched Baywatch! I have the excuse of … my family made me!

Here’s the trailer – it’s actually very funny!


#3. Vin Diesel: $54.5 million

This comes courtesy of the Fast & Furious franchise – we’re now on #8!

He also voiced the baby Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.  Vol 2 is unusual in that imho it’s much better than the first one!

As you can see from this clip, Groot aka Vin Diesel has a lot of lines to learn …. not!!

#4. Adam Sandler: $50.5 million

Sandler’s been busy doing original movies for Netflix, the first one being the Ridiculous Six, which was the most watched movie in it’s first month.

#5. Jackie Chan: $49 million

Maybe you haven’t heard of films like Railroad Tigers, but that’s one of the films that Chan makes most of his money from.

#6. Robert Downey Jr: $48 million

“I am Iron Man” … need we say more?

#7. Tom Cruise: $43 million

Mission Impossible is still going strong and Cruise adds blockbusters like The Mummy into the mix too.

#8. Shah Rukh Khan: $38 million

King Khan makes his money from Bollywood movies that most of us have probably never heard of.

#9. Salman Khan: $37 million

Another Bollywood hero and one of India’s biggest stars.

Here’s a taster of the Sultan movie:

#10. Akshay Kumar: $35.5 million

Famous in Bollywood box office smash hits and for advertising all sorts of brands.

#11. Chris Hemsworth: $31.5 million

Starring as Thor has been the making of Hemsworth’s millions.  The rewards are great for being one of the Avengers.

The latest Thor movie at the end of 2017 was Thor: Ragnarok.

#12. Tom Hanks: $31 million

Hanks has done some brilliant movies over the years.  He currently gets in at #12 due to his continuing role as Robert Langdon from Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and further adaptations of his other books too.

And Finally…

In 2018, Carrot Top the comedian, earned $75 million – there is clearly big bucks in making people laugh!


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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Todd Gurley’s Girlfriend

Todd Gurley's GirlfriendWho is Todd Gurley’s Girlfriend?  We’ve all heard of Todd Gurley as he is the RB for the LA Rams.

Todd Gurley’s Girlfriend is called Olivia Davidson and they have been dating since his days at Georgia.  It is currently unclear in 2018 whether they are still together.  The social media accounts of both of them have gone quiet on their relationship.  This could be a yearning for privacy or could mean they’ve parted company.

I’m presuming it’s the former and that they are still going strong!

Todd Gurley’s Girlfriend

#1. What Do We Know About Todd Gurley’s Girlfriend?

  • Olivia Davidson comes from Bozemon, Montana and is she has two brothers called Noah and Joe
  • Olivia graduated from Bozemon High School in 2012 and the University of Georgia in 2016
  • Olivia was by Todd’s side when he was selected by the Rams in the 2015 NFL Draft
  • Olivia has worked for the Jessica Simpson Brand and is a fashionista

#2. Todd Gurley’s Girlfriend – The BusinessWoman

  • Olivia and her Mum, Rona have gone into business together
  • They opened an online shop called Liv Lively in June 2017
  • The shop focusses on selling it’s fashion on social media
  • In October 2017 they purchased a Blow Dry Salon in their hometown
  • This has remained as a Blow Dry Salon but also has some Liv Lively pieces for sale
  • Check out the Liv Lively range here

#3. Todd Gurley’s Girlfriend – Are They Still Together?

  • Google seems unclear whether they are still an item
  • The latest news dates back to 2017 and questions are being asked then
  • Who Cares?  Check out Bros bible for some shots of Olivia in swimsuits – she’s hot whether she’s Todd Gurley’s Girlfriend or not!
  • For more hot shots, head over to her Instagram account

#4.  The Important Stuff – Gurley in NFL!

  • Gurley was narrow beaten out by Tom Brady for the NFL MVP in 2018
  • He did get named as Offensive Player of the Year though
  • Here’s some highlights from his season:

#5. Does Todd Gurley Need A New Girlfriend?

We don’t know! But if he does, we’d like to help him out at!

We’d be more than happy to recommend some of our fabulous articles on dating!

Todd, you’re welcome!  We’re here to help out wherever we can!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

How to Pick Out a Winning Men’s Face Wash

As our society becomes more vain, men across the globe are starting to do more with their anti aging regimen.  It’s no secret that men’s skin care is a rapidly growing sub-niche of the overall skin care product category.

As the Founder of a skin care company, I know first hand how a solid face wash can have a huge impact on your skin.  In fact, it’s really the starting point of any anti aging routine, and should not be overlooked.

Today we’ll talk about how men can go about sourcing a face wash, as well as which ingredients should be looked for when going through this selection.

Face washes

Choosing Face Washes for Men

The first thing to know is that we can have one of many different skin types.

  • Sensitive Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Combo Skin
  • Acne Prone

Once you know your skin type, you can find a men’s face wash that will work best for you.

Of course, if you have sensitive skin (I am borderline sensitive myself), you’ll want to pick out a face wash without chemicals.  This means that anything you typically source at your local drug store is probably off limits.  Stay away from salicylic acid products (many face washes will have this) as well as any that aren’t labeled as natural.  What you can look for, instead, are face washes derived from ingredients such as coconuts and other natural items, such as:

  • Aloe – great for hydration
  • Charcoal – eats away at impurities and exfoliates the skin
  • Olive Oil – this is a healthy oil that will do wonders for your skin

With sensitive skin, you will only want to wash your face once daily.

If you have oily skin, chances are that your skin needs a natural face wash that can be used several times per day.  Twice is typically good, as this will prevent oily build up from gathering during the day since it’s being washed so thoroughly.  You also won’t want to dry out your face, as more oils will be made.

Examples of what to look for in face washes if you have oily skin:

  • Coconut – similar to sensitive skin
  • Geranium – soaks up impurities
  • Aloe – natural moisture and hydration

If you have combo skin, you’ll have a hard time finding a face wash.  This is because you will have sensitivity as well as oil, so it’s what I call a “zone wash” that will attack all areas.  You’ll want a combination of the two aforementioned skin type’s ingredients if you find yourself having combo skin.

Lastly, if you are prone to acne, you should look for a face wash that fits the mold of one for oily skin.  Acne prone people have typically oily skin types, so you can source a wash that fits the above description.

As I get older, I find myself paying more attention to these types of things.  Skin, hair, eyes, ears, it’s all important.  In an upcoming series I’ll talk about a robotic hair therapy I’ve been looking at getting.  Should I pull the trigger?

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Beer Olympics Drinking Games

Who doesn’t love Beer Olympics Drinking Games?  Whatever the excuse, my buddies are always up for some Beer Olympics Drinking Games!

Of course, you might be organising a bachelor party, in which case you can check out our latest bachelor destinations:

  1. New York 
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Houston 
  4. Dallas 
  5. Chicago

It goes without saying that wherever you go, you’ll need a good flow of adult beverages …. especially for Beer Olympics Drinking Games!

Top Ten Beer Olympics Drinking Games

#1.  Slap Cup Beer Drinking Game

#2. Ice Cube Tray Chug Beer Olympics Drinking Games

#3. Mug Chug Beer Olympics Drinking Game


  1. Get into 2 equal teams along a beer laden table
  2. Chug a beer as fast as you can without spillage
  3. Player #2 cannot start until Player #1 has finished
  4. Quickest team to the end of the table are the winners

#4. Boat Race Beer Olympics Drinking Games


  1. Get into 2 equal teams, in a line, one player behind the other
  2. Each team member has a beer to chug
  3. Player #1 chugs their beer without spillage and puts the upturned cup on their head
  4. As soon as this happens, Player #2 can chug their beer and so on
  5. Quickest team to the back of the line are the winners

#5. Swim Team Beer Olympics Drinking Games


  1. Similar to boat race at #4.
  2. This time the equal teams have a snorkel each
  3. Player #1 from each team has to chug a beer through a snorkel
  4. When they have finished and taken the snorkel out of their mouth to prove it’s empty, player #2 starts and so on
  5. To play this game, you need 2 extra team members (who are standing on chairs) and pouring the beer into the top of the snorkel for each team member to chug it!

#6. Flip Cup Beer Olympics


  1. Similar to Mug Chug Game
  2. Each player must chug the beer from their cup
  3. Once finished, they must place the cup back on the table, and attempt to flip it so that it lands face down
  4. Player #2 cannot start to chug their beer until Player #1 has chugged and flipped their cup
  5. The team that drinks and flips all their cups wins.

#7. Shotgun Beer Drinking Game


  1. Split into 2 teams
  2. Each player has to shotgun a beer
  3. The team that shotguns all their beers the quickest are the winners


#8. Beer Pong Drinking Game


  1. You need two teams, solo cups set up in triangles, and ping pong balls.
  2. Fill each cup with 1/3 beer
  3. Take turns trying to land the ping pong balls in the other team’s solo cups.
  4. If you get your ball in the other team’s cup, they drink.

There are loads of alternatives to the beer pong drinking game, you could always try rope swing beer pong!

#9. Civil War Drinking Game


  1. Similar to beer pong.
  2. It involves shooting ping pong balls into solo cups.
  3. Each player has three lines of cups and is rapidly shooting into the other teams cups.

Here’s a YT clip to explain it – you can have as many in each team as you want:

#10. Dizzy Bat Beer Game


  1. Chop the very bottom of the handle off a wiffle bat and drill a hole in the side of the bat about 4 inches from the top to use as a choke.
  2. Determine who’s turn it is and have them put their finger over the choke hole, while a friend pours a beer into the bat through the handle.
  3. The player chugs the beer, then puts their forehead on the handle of the bat and spins around 10 times
  4. The empty beer can is thrown at the player after 3 seconds and they have to hit the beer can, otherwise they have to have another go!

Like this:

There you have it, my Top Ten Beer Olympics Drinking Games!

Remember …. drink responsibly and keep it fun!



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Monday, March 19, 2018

How To Make Chimichurri

How to Make ChimichurriAt we love a top quality steak.  To make your steak even more delicious, knowing how to make chimichurri adds a whole new taste sensation.

So whether you love kobe steak, wagyu or a filet mignon, be sure to learn how to make chimichurri too.

How to Make Chimichurri (Argentinian)

Chimichurri comes from Argentina and Uruguay.

Here is the Food Network’s take on an Argentinian Chimichurri sauce:



  • Place all chimichurri sauce ingredients in a blender or food processor
  • Pulse until well chopped, but not pureed

That’s all there is to it – how easy is that!!

Here’s Gordon Ramsay’s take on it:

As you can see, he uses skirt steak for this particular recipe.  You can use whatever cut of beef you prefer, whether it be tomahawk steaks or a chateaubriand.

How To Make Chimichurri (Uruguayan)

Here’s a Uruguayan alternative from Cafe Delites:

  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
  • 1/2 cup finely chopped parsley
  • 3-4 cloves garlic , finely chopped or minced
  • 2 small red chilies , or 1 red chili, deseeded and finely chopped (about 1 tablespoon finely chopped chili)
  • 3/4 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1 level teaspoon coarse salt
  • pepper , to taste (about 1/2 teaspoon)


  • Fire up your cast iron pan,
  • Start with a little of the strongest ingredients (like garlic, salt, and chili),
  • Then slowly add more until reaching your desired taste.
  • You can’t fix what there’s too much – start small and add gradually.


  • Do not use a food processor – you want a silky dressing, not a mash-up of herbs
  • Finely chop your parsley before you start, until you have the right amount.
  • If you like the strong flavour of garlic, use 4 cloves, If you like milder garlic, start with 2 cloves; mix it all in and allow to sit for a few minutes. Then, taste test. If you’d like more, add more.
  • Chimichurri can be adjusted to your taste. Add more salt, more pepper, less or more chili.
  • Fresh red chili is optional.
  • Red wine vinegar is the best vinegar for chimichurri. Use lemon juice as a substitution.

Whichever way you choose to make it, remember – it’s easy!  And it adds loads of extra flavor to any of your favorite steak dishes, whether you are cooking them inside or outside!

Head over to our article on the Chicago Steaks Company for great deals on your beef.



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2 Best Options That Can Help You Edit Your Pdf in Whatever the Way You Want

Many of us use PDF’s on our websites, and sometimes we come across a PDF that we need to make a change to, but we do not know how. Here in this article, we will discuss two different ways to edit a PDF, which is a free way of doing this.

PDF escape

It is one of the most reliable, easy and free ways of making changes in your PDF documents. First, go to your browser and search for PDF escape. You can do its official website. It is free. The way it works is that you upload your PDF, and you can make changes to it. Also, after making changes, you can save it back as a complete PDF.

How does PDF escape work?

You will see a big orange button on its official website that says, ‘EDIT your PDF Now.’ Simply click this button, and you will see a bunch of options. Here, you must choose the option ‘Upload Your PDF to PDF escape.

It will ask you where you would like to go to choose your PDF. It will upload it and present it to you so that you can work on it. You can go through it and make as many changes as you like. This is how it works for free to help you make changes in your PDF document and then save it in the altered form.

Cloud Convert

If you want to convert your PDF to a Word document, in other words, you can take an existing PDF and convert it into a format that you can make something brand new. You can edit text or whatever you want. Cloud Convert is one of the best options in the market available for this purpose. You can go to its website. It works very efficiently, and it is also free.

How does Cloud Convert work?

If you want to convert something to Word document, all you must do is very simple is that you go to their official website, and click the button that says, ‘Select File.’ You can even drag your document and drop it anywhere on the cloud convert page, and it will be automatically uploaded.

Now, select what conversion you want to make. Click ‘Start Conversion,’ and you are done. It will take just a second for conversion, that is why it is the easiest and the fastest way for converting your PDF to Word document.

These two options are best to use because they do not put what we called as watermarks on our documents. In other words, they do not mark it. Even though both are free, they do not put a mark that says that this is done by, for instance, Cloud Convert, PDF escape, etc.

Neither of them needs you to download any software, such as Adobe Acrobat, Sodapdf, etc. Therefore, whenever you feel the need of making any changes to your PDF file, explore these options for quick solutions.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Candice Patton Nude

nude butt of Candice PattonIf you’re a fan of naked female bodies, raise your hand. Lots of raised hands. That’s what I figured. Guys being guys, we like to look at attractive women. In fact, we love to see hot women in as little clothing as possible. Being naturally curious, we are especially interested in seeing beautiful famous women without their clothes on. Which brings me to Candice Patton. I imagine just about any guy would want to see Candice Patton nude.

I think Candice Patton looks great and is in fantastic shape. I don’t know where she worked before she started appearing in televisions shows. She doesn’t seem to be the Hooter’s type though! I was trying to be funny. Nothing against Hooter’s or the Hooter’s girls. I like the place and the girls that work there are pretty and nice. Clink on the following link if  you’re curious about celebrities that actually did work at Hooter’s.

Who is Candice Patton?

almost topless nude candice patton in braWait, you don’t know who Candice Patton is? You are missing out, that’s for sure. Time to catch up. Candice was first seen on TV in The Young and the Restless which is a daytime soap opera show. Episodic television is where she kept popping up the most. She also appeared in an episode of another daytime soap called The Bold and the Beautiful.

Night time shows found out about her and she got busier and busier. She appeared in Entourage, Castle, Heroes, One Tree Hill, Grey’s Anatomy, CSI: Miami, The Game and more. She’s currently a regular on The CW show The Flash. She has a starring role playing the character Iris West.

You may have caught her in a film too. She appeared in Commander and Chief and was also in The Guest.

Are there Nude Pictures of Actress Candice Patton?Sexy Candice Patton lifting her gown

I searched and searched for nude pictures of Candice Patton and I could not find any. I did find some sexy photos of her. She is one of the hottest women that many of us have seen on TV right now. It looks like she has never posed for any nude photos. Hopefully, she’ll change her mind. The sooner the better, right?

Oh if you’re wondering, she is not Paula Patton’s sister. Many think that she is and they certainly are both beautiful, but they are not sisters.

Some Personal Info About Candice Patton

actress Candice Patton pretty bikiniHere’s some info about Candice Patton that you might like to know.
She was born in Jackson, MS but raised in Plano, TX.
She was born on June 24 in 1988.
She has a lean athletic figure that measures 35-24-34 inches.
She is African American on her mother’s side. Her Dad is European American.
In 2015, she was listed in the Maxim Hot 100.

Even though I couldn’t find any nude pictures of Candice Patton, I did find some shots of her that I think are pretty classy. I’m hopeful that you enjoy these hot and sexy pics.

naked lips of Candice Patton ready for a kisshot and fit Candice Patton nude absActress Candice Patton showing naked cleavage in an evening gown

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